Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport Guide to Tel Aviv International Airport or Ben Gurion Airport (TLV)

Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport Terminal 3

Tel Aviv Terminal 3 stands for the international terminal.

Terminal 3 has a satellite terminal “Rotunda”, which is home of Concourse B, C, D (and in the nearly future Concourses A and E), where it hosts 30 gates- Each concourse has 8 jetway-equipped gates (numbered 2 through 9) and 2 stand gates (bus bays, 1 and 1A) from which passengers are ferried to the aircraft. EI AI flights use practically all the concourse D and other airlines use concourses B and C.

Ben Gurion Airport Terminal 3 uses the Jetway system. The overall layout is similar to that of airports in North America and Europe, with multiple levels and considerable distances to walk after disembarking from the aircraft. The walk is assisted by escalators and moving walkways.

The upper level departures hall, with an area of over 10,000 m2 (110,000 sq ft), is equipped with 110 check-in counters and as well as Flight information display systems.

A small shopping mall, known as Buy & Bye, is open to both travellers and the general public. The mall, which includes restaurants, shops and a post office was planned to be a draw for non-flyers too.


Transfer between terminals

Find a couple of free shuttle buses for inter-terminal transportation:

There is a free public shuttle bus from Terminal 3 and the train station which communicates Terminal 1 with Terminal 3. Frequency: Every 15 up to 30 minutes.

Schedule: See here the schedule for this shuttle bus.

Location: Facing Terminal 1, opposite to Gate 4.

Another shuttle bus connects Terminal 3 to the central and long-term parking facility every 20 minutes. Opening hours: 24/7. Although there aren’t scheduled times, waiting times may not be longer than 20 minutes.

Location: Terminal 3, to the car park located on Level G, next to Gate 1.



Ben Gurion Airport Terminal 3 consists of the following levels:

Level S: This is where the level where the Train Station is located.

Level G: This is the Arrivals level. Find in this level the following services: Baggage carousels 3-6, 7-10 on each side, customs, greeters hall (office, stores, restaurants and services). Passengers may arrive at this level by the connector from the Transit Hall and Rotunda.

Level 1: Entrance and exit doors 11 and 13.

Level 2: Entrance and exit door 21 and 23. Find here the public transportation facilities (bus, taxi, shuttles and car rental counters).

Level 3: This is the check-in level, the Departures level, Check-in Hall with areas A, B, C and D. Find here entrance and exit door 31-33, check-in counters 12-33, 34-55, 56-77, 78-99 and VIP counters 1-11, 100-110.

Available services: Information counters, border control, food, drink and retail concessions (there’s a Mall with some shops and boutiques).

Connect from this level to the Concourses at the Rotunda.

  • Level 4: Offices.

Satellite Rotunda: Find in this section the Transit Hall and Concourses B, C and D.

The Rotunda consists in a couple of levels:

- Ground level: food, drink and retail services. Access to concourses and also to the shuttle bus stop.
- Upper level: This level is home of Concourses B, C and B, with the following gates: B1, B1A – B9, CA, C1A – C9 and D1, D1A – D9. Concourse D is exclusively used by El Al carriers.

The construction of Concourse E is still ongoing.



The services presented below are available at Tel Aviv Terminal 3:

  • Free Wi-Fi internet connection
  • Food, drink and retail concessions
  • Shopping Mall
  • Business lounge (3)
  • Synagogues (3)
  • Hotel
  • VAT refund
  • Post office
  • Currency exchange
  • Lost & found
  • Baby care rooms
  • First Aid
  • ATMs
  • Self-check-in kiosks
  • Police
  • Children’s play rooms
  • Luggage lockers

For further information regarding services, please visit services section


Airport lounges

At Ben Gurion Airport Terminal 3 you can find the following lounges:

- King David Lounge:
 Location: Departures hall, concourse D. Contact: +972 03-9771111.
- Arbel Lounge: Location: Level 1 (close to the synagogue). Contact: +972 03-9754492 / +972 03-9754493 |
- Dan Lounge:
 Location: Departures Hall. There are a couple of lounges in Concourse C and B. Contact: +972 03-9757255.

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