Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport Parking

Ben Gurion Airport has different car park facilities to provide the best service to passengers according to their needs. Parking fees can be paid by credit card, the Israeli currency and foreign currency as well.



Short-Term Parking (up to 24 hours)

Also called Vineyard Car Park Terminal 3

It has over 1,200 parking spaces and 750 are covered.



- 1 hour - NIS 18. For each additional 15 minutes, 4 NIS.

- Maximum tariff/day: 90 NIS.


For long-term parking (over 24 hours) passengers should proceed to the designated long-term car parks.




Long Term Parking

Long Term Car Park 15

It has 3,400 parking spaces which 110 of them are covered. The car park is open 24/7 during all year.


There are free shuttle bus services to go to Terminal 3.

Shuttle buses to Terminal 3: depart every 10-20 minutes. The shuttle stop at Terminal 3 is located on Level G, next to Gate 01.


The shuttle bus stops for Terminal 3 are located at the Main Long-Term Car Park, in zones A, B, C, D, E, F and G. The pick-up stop is located outside the main building, next to the entrance to the Car Park.


Passengers can pay the parking at the shuttle stop at Terminal 3. After payment, you have 60 minutes to exit the car park).

For passengers that depart from Terminal 1, please, use the long-term parking near Terminal 1.



- 1 day - NIS 40.

- 1 day/covered area - NIS 70.


Long-Term Parking - Adjacent Terminal 3

It has 750 parking spaces, 500 of them covered. The parking is indicated by signs in Terminal 3 at the entrance to the Arrivals Level, on the left side.



- 1 day - NIS 80.

- One additional hour or part thereof - NIS 16.

- Maximum: NIS 80.




Terminal 1 Car Park - For short/long term parking

Short-term parking (up to 24 hours) and Long Term parking (starting from the end of the first day).

The parking is intended for passengers departing on domestic and international flights from T1.

It has 1,400 parking spaces.


Rates Short Term Parking:

- First hour - NIS 16

- Each additional 15 minutes or part thereof - NIS 3

Maximum/day: NIS 80


Rates Long Term Parking:

- 1 day - NIS 40

- Each additional hour - NIS 9 (up to 5 hours)




Special parking for Picking Up Arriving Passengers - Terminal 3 (Car Park 18)

It’s the special car park for picking up arriving passengers. Allows the cars park for up 15 minutes for free. It has 160 parking spaces for longer parking periods (but for a higher fee than the Short-Term Car Park - Vineyard Car Park).



- The first 15 minutes - for free

- First hour - NIS 30

- Each additional 15 minutes - NIS 6

- Maximum per day - NIS 150​​




Parking for Two-Wheeled Vehicles

Owners of two-wheeled vehicles can park free of charge in any of the car parks within the airport area.​