Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport Guide to Tel Aviv International Airport or Ben Gurion Airport (TLV)

Transport Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport (TLV)


Ben Gurion Airport is served by several bus companies such as Egged, Kavim, Metropoline and Superbus which let passengers transfer not only to Tel Aviv downtown, also to other major cities of Israel (Be’er Sheva, Ramla, Jerusalem, etc.)

On the other hand, you may find a great variety of shuttle services at Tel Aviv Airport.

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Tel Aviv Airport is served by limousines and private shuttle services, Sherut "shared" door to door taxi vans and standard taxis. Check Tel Aviv Airport shuttle "", one of the best ways to reach the city.



You can get within 20 minutes or less to Tel Aviv downtown from Ben Gurion Airport.

By taxi is without a doubt the easiest mean of transportation to get safe and sound to your final destination.

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Tel Aviv Airport has an own railway station which fleets onbound and inbound trains to Tel Aviv, Be’er Sheva, and other nearby locations operated by Israel Railways.

The railway station is located in the main ground of Terminal 3.

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Located on Highway 1, the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway, the airport has a total of 11,300 parking spaces for short and long-term parking. The spaces for long-term parking are situated several kilometers from the terminal, and are reached by a free shuttle bus. Car rental at the airport is available. Check the best options here