Facilites and Services Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport

Tel Aviv Airport provides the following services and amenities to all passengers that request it or need it:


- Shops and Duty Free: ​Perfumes, sweets, tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol, over the counter medicine and pharmacy products. Jewelry, electronics and cell phones, gifts for kids, sports, books, magazines and music, fashion clothing, flowers, sweets and lottery

- Restaurants, cafés and bars with international and national food.

- There is free Wi-Fi (Wireless Internet connection) available at each hall of Tel Aviv airport.


Duty Free (James Richardson)

It is located on the Departures Hall:

- Close to Concourse B

- Close to Concourse C

- Close to Concourse D


Medical Care

Location of the clinic: next to the entrance through Gate 21, in the West Gallery of the Greeters Hall. Opening hours: 24 hours a day.


Another clinic is located in the Departure Hall Duty Free Area, close to the Mother and Child Room.

Phone for medical assistance: 03-975 26 25



ATMs are located along Terminal 3



Location: in the Parking Lot, opposite to Terminal 1.

Located: in Terminal 3, Ground floor, on the western side opposite gate 3.

All services provided/attended with the exception of deposit of weapons.

Phone: 03-971 54 44 / 03-975 09 98



Two Synagogues operate at Terminal 3​. Location:

- Greeters hall, eastern gallery on the 1st floor.

- Duty Free hall (on the right entrance). Operates 24 hours daily.


Lounges and VIP Services

VIP Services allows to passengers to enjoy and relax their stay in Tel Aviv airport. There are various lounges that provides exclusive services:


Aerohandling - VIP Platinum Club

Phone: 03-9754468

Fax: 03-9754145

E-mail: aerovip@aerohandling.com


Arbel Lounge

Location: Level 1 of Terminal 3, Eastern Gallery

Phone: 03-975 4492 / 03-975 4493

Fax: 03-9754494

E-mail: arbel_lounge@qasisrael.co.il


King David Lounge

Location: Departures hall (Duty Free area), concourse D

Phone: 03-977 1111


Laufer Aviation - GHI VIP


VIP Club: 03-975 4333

VIP Club: 08-914 5100

Royal Services: 08-914 5101

Royal Services: 03-971 5859

Fax: 08-9145101 / 08-9145112

E-mail: vipoffice@lauferghi.com


Masada Lounge

It is located at the west end of the Arrival Hall at Terminal 1.​

Location: Terminal 1

Phone: 03-971 2266 / 03-971 1992

Fax: 03-9712548


Dan Lounge

Location: Departures Hall. There are a couple of lounges in Concourse C and B.

Contact: +972 03-9757255.