Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport
Ground Transportation

Bus, Taxi or Shuttle

The airport is served by regular inter-city bus lines, limousine and private shuttle services, Sherut "shared" door to door taxi vans and standard taxis. Check Tel Aviv Airport shuttle "", one of the best ways to reach the city.


An Egged No. 5 shuttle bus ferries passengers between the terminals and a small bus terminal (El Al Junction) in the nearby Airport City industrial/office park where they can connect to regular Egged bus routes passing through the area. The line 5 stop is located on Level 2 (Public Transport Level) at Terminal 3.


Passengers connecting at Airport City can pay for both rides on the same ticket, not having to pay an extra fare for bus #5. Other bus companies directly serve Terminal 3, and the airport also provides a free shuttle bus between terminals and car parks.


The service lines from El Al Junction to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport: ‚Äč

- Egged line no. 5 (to Terminal 1 and 3)

- Kavim line 13

- Veolia line 239 (to Terminal 1 and 3)


Location of stations:

- The station for the shuttle service from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1 is located on Level G, next to the station of the Long-Term Car Park shuttle.

- The station for the shuttle service from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 is located in front of Terminal 1, opposite to Gate 4.

- The station for the shuttle service from Terminal 3 to the car park is located on Level G, next to Gate 01. +

Contact Egged Customer Service Call Centre, at 03-6948888 or *2800.


Tel Aviv Airport Rail Terminal Terminal 3 - click for larger picture


Israel Railways operates the Ben Gurion Airport Railway Station, located in the lower level of Terminal 3.


From this station passengers may head north-west to Tel Aviv, Haifa and other destinations in the north, south-east to Modi'in, or south to Beersheba via Lod, Kiryat Gat and Lehavim. The journey to Tel Aviv Savidor Central Railway Station takes about 20 minutes.


Passengers arriving by train to Terminal 3 but departing from Terminal 1 can reach Terminal 1 picking up the shuttle bus service provided for free by Tel Aviv airport.


The line to Modi'in is part of a new rail line under construction from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem which is scheduled for completion in 2018.

The service does not operate on Shabbat and Jewish holidays but on all other days it runs day and night. The line to Nahariya through Tel Aviv and Haifa operates 24 hours a day.


It is recommended to check the scheduled trains who depart or arrive to Tel Aviv airport.


Israel Railways information: Tel.: *5770 or 03-5774000  




Located on Highway 1, the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway, the airport has a total of 11,300 parking spaces for short and long-term parking. The spaces for long-term parking are situated several kilometers from the terminal, and are reached by a free shuttle bus. Car rental at the airport is available. Check the best options here



Goes and comes to/from Be'er Sheva. Provides service from Tel Aviv airport and departs from Terminal 3, Level 2.