Tel Aviv Airport Informational Guide to Ben Gurion Airport -TLV - Non Official

Tel Aviv Airport Bus

Ben Gurion Airport counts with a wide offer regarding bus lines that serve not only Tel Aviv, but also other major cities such as Be’er Sheva, Ashdod, Ramla and El AI Junction.


Even only bus route no.5 gets straight to the airport premises, there are other bus lines operated by Egged which covers the route from downtown Tel Aviv to Ben Gurion Airport, also stopping at EL AI Junction.

Egged No. 5 shuttle bus ferries passengers between terminals and a small bus terminal (EL AI Junction) in the nearby Airport City industrial/office park where it is possible to connect to regular Egged bus routes passing through the area.

The line 5 stop is located on Level 2 (Public Transport Level) at Terminal 3.


INS 2.50 

See the schedule here.


Kavim company offers bus services to both Shoham and Modi’in.

Their lines operate from Terminal 3, level 2.

See bus line route no.445 (Ben Gurion Airport to Ramla and Modi’in).


INS 16.00 (to Rambla), INS 10.50 (to Modi’in)

Find more information here


Metropoline company offers a route, bus route no. 354, which covers the route between Ben Gurion Airport to Be’er Sheva.

By this bus line you can get to Lod, Ramla, Be’er Sheva, Kiryat Gat, Bne Shimon, Gedera, Shafir, Be’er Tuviya and Lakish from Ben Gurion Airport.

It departs from Terminal 3, Level 2.


INS 15.00 (to Be’er Sheva), INS 16.00 (to Ramla)


Afikim bus line 485 gets to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv Airport 24 hours a day, departing at the top of each hour.

Please note that on Friday it operates until 02:00 pm and on Sunday evening from 07:00 pm.

Buses depart from Terminal 3, floor G, close to Gate 1.


INS 3.60 (one-way ticket)