Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport (TLV)

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Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport or Ben Gurion Airport (IATA: TLV, ICAO: LLBG), sometimes referred to today by its Hebrew acronym Natbag, is the largest and busiest international airport in Israel.

It was known as Lod Airport from 1948 until 1973, when the name was changed to honor Israel's first prime minister, David Ben Gurion. Because of its proximity to Tel Aviv and its location within the metropolitan area of Tel Aviv, Ben-Gurion International Airport is often refered to as Tel Aviv International Airport.
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Tel Aviv's other airport is Dov Hoz Airport Sde Dov (code: SDV), located at the north of the city and serves as a major airport for domestic flights. Ben Gurion International Airport (code:TLV), is Israel's main international airport for people and freight traffic.
In 2015, Ben Gurion Airport handled over 16.2 million passengers (increase of 9,2%) and more than 100,000 flight operations with an increase of 5,5%. The airport serves as a hub for the following Israelian airlines: El Al, Israir Airlines, Arkia and Sun D'Or.


Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport is near the town of Lod, 19 kilometers (12 mi) southeast of the capital of Israel, Tel Aviv.


Transport Tel Aviv Airport

The airport is located on Highway 1, the main Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway, accessible by car or public bus.

- Bus: Both Egged and Kavim bus companies provides service from the airport to different destinations.

- Train: Israel Railways operates train service to and from the airport to certain parts of the country

- Taxi: taxi stands are located outside the arrivals building.

- Shared Taxi van: Another transportation option is the shared taxi van, known in Hebrew as a sherut, going to Beer Sheva, Haifa and Jerusalem. Check transportation page for more information


Ben Gurion Airport is considered one of the world's most secure airports, with a security force that includes Israel police officers, Israel Border Police and IDF. Airport security guards operate both in uniform and undercover to maintain a high level of vigilance and detect any possible threats.


- Terminal 1 is used for domestic flights and some international flights.


- Terminal 3 is the main terminal of Ben Gurion Airport. It has 30 gates divided in three concourses (B, C and D). It is capable to serve over 10 million passengers annually.


Some interesting data

- 2 active Terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.

- 3 runways disposed as a triangle.

- More than 70 airlines are currently operating at Tel Aviv Airport, but some of them only have seasonal flights.

- It's one of the best ariports in Middle East due the passenger experience and the high level of security.

Contact information

Address: 7015001, Israel
Telephone: +972 3-975-5555 


Lost and found

Items lost at Tel Aviv airport facilities: Location: on the west short-term parking lot known as “Vineyard Parking Lot” (Ground Floor).

Hours: From Sunday to Thursday from 08.00 am to 7.45 pm. Fridays: from 08.00 am to 2.45 am.

Phone: 03-975 4436.



For luggage lost on the airplane, contact your airline.


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